Adam Morris

Hi, I'm Adam Morris - a digital product designer based in London

Working as a Senior designer at Made by Many in London, I help large companies turn business models into successful products. From developing the future of mobile wallets to collaborative research platforms. I do this through the use of visual and interaction design, continually balancing customer needs with business requirements. I rapidly test assumptions and refine propositions with consumers, that ultimately create experiences and services that are a joy to use. And leave a lasting impact on organisations.

Prior to Made by Many I was a Visual Designer at the BBC, working within the User Experience and Design team for News online. One of the main projects I worked on was re-thinking BBC Weather online (2011). Working with a fantastic team, we established a design style that is still being used today and directly influenced the incredibly successful BBC Weather app. Along with the re-design, I also brought back and modernised the classic BBC weather icon set.



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